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Together, we can make our communities a bit more magical.

With your help, since 2020, we've donated


to supporting many amazing causes like Make-A-Wish, WWF, Unicef, ASPCA, local animal rescues, and so many more.

Make-A-Wish Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps fulfill the wishes of children with critical illness. A granted wish can be that spark that helps these children believe anything is possible and gives them the strength to fight harder against their illnesses. 

World Wide Fund for Nature is an international organization that works in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment. They help local communities conserve, protect, and restore species and their natural habitats.

UNICEF is a United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. They work to reach the most disadvantaged children and adolescents to protect their rights and help them survive, thrive, and fulfill their potential.

Thanks to all of you in 2020, we were able to grant Lucy's wish for a service dog to help with her respiratory illness.

Make-A-Wish Plaque FrontMake A Wish Plaque - Back

Why Make-A-Wish Foundation?

Donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation was actually Lenny's idea!

Lenny played an online fantasy-adventure computer game called Everquest when he was a teenager.  At the time, there was another teenager, 13 year old Patrick Baldwin, who also played the game.  He was a Wish Kid battling Muscular Dystrophy and had a wish- not to travel the world or go on a Disney vacation, but to 'hunt and fight dragons.’  Sony and Make-A-Wish Foundation teamed up to grant his wish. They arranged to fly him all the way to the Everquest Headquarters where he had the opportunity to play Everquest with the entire game development team and fulfill his wish to be a dragon hunting hero for the day. 

15 year old Lenny went on dragon hunting adventures with his in-game friends regularly so he felt a sense of guilt and privilege that Patrick, who was about the same age as he was at the time, was battling not dragons but terminal illness. His wish was to do something as simple as what he does every weekend with his friends. This was almost 20 years ago.

When I started Wish Upon Magic, I wanted to be able to give magic back to the community and pay it forward. I donated to WWF, UNICEF, and local animal rescues. When Lenny suggested Make-A-Wish Foundation, it immediately felt so perfect and so right. It was a no-brainer. We wanted to become Wish Granters and began to set aside proceeds from each month with the goal to Adopt A Wish. It has been such a wonderful experience and, whether you knew it or not, every single purchase from us is part of the reason a child’s Wish came true. 

Operation Santa in 2021

Every year thousands of letters arrive for Santa and the North Pole every holiday season which are sorted and set aside by USPS. These letters are then digitized and made available online for any of Santa's helpers (like us) to adopt and fulfill. We decided to participate in USPS's yearly Operation Santa to help Santa deliver cheer to families during this holiday season.

With your support, we were able to help Santa by adopting letters written from 3 different families across the US to make their holiday wishes come true!

Jennerri and Daniel wrote to Santa for their family of 7 asking for unicorn toys, princess movies (but specifically not Frozen), arts & crafts kits, as well as clothing, video games, and Legos for their siblings. For Disney-loving Ashlyn in Texas who just started college and was having a rough year at home, Santa granted her holiday wish for over-the-ear headphones to use when studying and an assortment of Disney-themed accessories for decorating her things while away in school. And for 12 year old Mariely and her new baby sister, Santa gifted clothing and princess-themed coloring books because her little sister loves Frozen!

In 2021 when magic was needed more than ever, Operation Santa was able to help fulfill thousands of holiday wishes, delivering 21,275 packages to hopeful children and families across the US. Now that is some true, heartwarming magic!

Operation Santa - new presents
Operation Santa - wrapped presents

With your continued support in 2022, we were able to grant a number of travel wishes allowing kids to fulfill their Disney dreams.

For us, it was like being able to grant a Magic Carpet Ride that can fly multiple Wish families to Disney! 

Make A Wish 2022 Thank You Plaque

We celebrated World Wish Day 2023 at the unveiling ceremony of
the "A Window To Our Wishes" event.

We are so humbled to be invited by Make A Wish in partnership with Disneyland to this amazing unveiling ceremony of the three beautiful windows, each dedicated to Chris Greicius (whose mother, Linda Pauling, formed the Make A Wish Foundation), Frank “Bopsy” Salazar (the first official Disneyland Wish recipient in 1981), and the Make A Wish Foundation.

A Window To Our Wishes PhotosA Window To Our Wishes Photos

The magic of giving to Make A Wish Foundation continues in 2023 where we expanded our reach to grant other magical wishes to equally inspiring Wish Kids like Jonie.