Small Shop Resources

Hi friends! I wanted a place where I can easily share all the small shop items that we use on a daily basis for other small biz owners or those starting out looking to explore new tools & equipment for their own shop. I'll periodically add new things on here whenever I have some extra time as our little shop continues to learn and grow. 


 Everyday Supplies 

  • Label Printer, We print all our address labels on the Rollo. We've tried 3 different brands, and the Rollo consistently outperforms every brand!
  • Labels, this is the type we use and have found it to be the most economical per sheet. 
  • 4"x6" and 5"x7" Envelopes, we found these two sizes to work best for our packing needs.
  • Poly mailers, these are for the rest of the "big item" orders. As in a larger package, I want the bags to be sturdier and thicker so it doesn't tear during transit.
  • Fabric, I get all the amazing fabric from Joanns, Etsy, and also the Fabric District in LA. 




 Where/ How do I make *insert item here*? 

  • Google is your best friend! I have googled all sorts of the same questions and learned from lots of how-to tutorials. For example, if you are looking to make your own keychains, try searching "custom keychains" or "how to make my own keychains" into google. 
  • Youtube is another place where I started. It's a fast way to learn quickly without reading long tutorials; for example, search for "how to make stickers" and you'll get so many great videos who can do a better job at explaining than I can. There are even more guides on Youtube than Google- and if you're more of a visual learner (like me) you'll find Youtube to be very learner-friendly! I always joke that I'm a proud graduate of YouTube University. 


(Some of the above links are affiliate links. If you order from those links, I will receive a small commission that will help fuel me with coffee!)